Patient Services & Facilities

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is a complete hospital Institution that offers the following patient services & facilities:

Patient Services

Mandaya Medical Welcome Center

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri welcomes patients from other cities and overseas. Our Mandaya Medical Welcome Center is available to assist patients from outside Jakarta in all aspects of patient management. Our Medical Welcome Center team consists of doctors and nurses who are specially trained to coordinate scheduling of procedures, attend family questions during treatment, and follow-up care planning. Our service also includes lodging or housing provision for relatives of patients and airport transport services.

Airport Services

Sukarno-Hatta International Airport
Located just 25km from the International Airport of Jakarta, Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is half an hour travel by car. Our Airport transportation service (24-hours in advance booking) is available to assists patients and relatives to reach the hospital, either by car or ambulance. We are also able to arrange for air ambulance transfer for patients who are not located in Jakarta.

Dining and Shopping

Our Lifestyle Mall is located within the Mandaya Medical complex and surrounded by the serene atmosphere of Mandaya Outdoor Plaza. The lifestyle mall will offer a variety of modern and classic cuisines from all over the world, lifestyle shops, such as baby shop, medical equipment store, bookshop and supermarket.


Our Gymmaster Fitness Center is located within our lifestyle mall. On top of offering wide range of international grade equipments and aerobic center, our gym is led by Mandaya Hospital own Sport Medicine Specialist who will assist the rehabilitation of patients back to competitive fitness level.

Medical Facilities

Accident and Emergency

The 18-bed Accident and Emergency Department includes two isolation rooms and two procedure rooms. The easy access to radiology department ensures quick transfer for diagnostic procedure.


The Radiology department is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipments that enable our doctors to achieve the most accurate diagnostic results. Our radiology diagnostic equipment include the following:

  • High Tesla MRI scan
  • High Slice CT Scan
  • X-ray, including panoramic X-ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammography
  • Dexa Bone Scan

Inpatient Rooms

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri offers inpatient rooms ranging from lower-priced 5-bed rooms to Presidential Suite. All hospital rooms have been designed with patients comfort and safety in mind.

Outpatient Department

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri has more than 60 outpatient examination rooms clustered according to their specialty.

Medical Rehabilitation

The Medical Rehabilitation Center is fully integrated and caters for adults and children. It includes state of the art treatment areas, such as hydrotherapy treatment pool, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and adult and children physiotherapy using equipment such as shockwave therapy, microwave diathermy and many more.

Day Care Treatment Room

Our one day care treatment room is an integrated center for outpatient procedures such as electro shockwave therapy for kidney stones, endoscopy, ERCP for gall stones and many more.

Delivery Room

Our deliver rooms are equipped with comfortable en-suite delivery rooms which provides a relaxing and serene ambience for the expecting mothers and their family members.

Operating Theatre

The 8 operating theatres, including the hybrid operating theatre, are equipped with state-of-the art operating equipment and air filtration and control system, which reduces the risk of post-operative infection.

Catheter Lab

Our catheterization lab center is an integrated center of diagnostic and treatment of various heart, brain and blood vessel conditions. Heart condition that involves unstable and erratic heart rhythm can also be treated with the integrated electrophysiology lab.


Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri operates 4 different high care and intensive care units that cater for patients of various age and conditons

Chemotherapy Suite

Part of Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri Advanced Cancer Center, the chemotherapy suite operates chemotherapy rooms and bays that provides a relaxing treatment process.


At the core of Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri Advanced Cancer Center is the Radiotherapy Center. Equipped with the latest CT Simulator and linear accelerator machine, these radiotherapy equipment offers a higher level of radiotherapy beam accuracy which allow a more complete cancer cell treatment with less damage to surrounding healthy cells.


The hemodialysis center operates treatment bays and rooms which cater for different patient preferences. The design of the treatment bays or rooms take into account patient and accompanying family members comfort.

Mandaya Prevention Center

The Mandaya Prevention Center is an integrated center of health promotion and disease prevention. Equipped with a complete diagnostic equipment, the center offers varying check-up packages that are customizable to the patient’s present age, risk factors and family history. By avoiding redundant check-up procedures that are not relevant to the patient’s current health, the patient will receive not only the most comprehensive personal health information, but also the most value for money medical check-up package.

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