New Paradigm of Hospital Design

Creating value added services through innovative and patient-centered design.

At Mandaya, we recognize the continuously evolving trend in healthcare provision. While we design Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri, we gather all of our years of experience in healthcare delivery and explore patients and families needs and expectations, and incorporate all of the innovative ideas into our hospital design.

The main principles that guide us in our design process are the following:

  1. We need to place the patient’s needs as our first priority
  2. Patient’s family members are indirectly affected mentally, socially and emotionally throughout the patient’s journey. Therefore, we place a special emphasis to taking care of patient’s family before, during, and after their visit to the hospital.
  3. With the focus on delivering patient-centered care, we prepare design infrastructure that will allow patients and family members to be continuously involved in their care plan and decision making process.
  4. Research has shown that early detection and prevention is key to achieving healthy lives. Hence, our hospital design revolves not only to cater unwell patients but also accommodate healthy individuals who want to be healthier. The hospital design will feature seamless architecture and interior design which will promote wellbeing of healthy individuals.

We have so many innovative and exciting ideas to help you achieve the most fulfilling healthcare experience. Please follow our journey as we unveil these breakthrough design and ideas to you.

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