NeuroScience Center

Neurosurgery Operating Microscope

The NeuroScience Center at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is led by a team of highly-specialized neurologists and neurosurgeons, and supported by an integrated team of Neuro nurses, physiotherapists and radiologists.
Other than choosing the right doctor, the outcome of treating neurological conditions rely heavily on these factors:

  • An accurate diagnostic procedure to pin-point the exact problem.
  • If surgery is required, an advanced neurological equipments is needed to assist surgeons in treating the source of the problem without damaging healthy areas.
  • An integrated post-treatment team of specialist nurses, physiotherapists, etc who will ensure patients seamless return to their daily lives.

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment technology such as:

  • High tesla MRI scan and high slice CT scan to assist diagnosis.
  • A dedicated neurosurgery operating theatre with operating microscope and neuronavigation units to help doctors dissect only the problematic cells whilst preserving the healthy ones.
  • A neuro catheter lab to treat certain brain conditions non-invasively.
  • Neurosurgery Operating Microscope.

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