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Comprehensive guide to all Center of Excellence and Departments within Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri.

Mandaya Royal Advanced Centers

Full Catheter Lab

The Cardiovascular Center employs top heart specialists in Indonesia. The center uses advanced technology along with  comprehensive, holistic approaches to heart health, ranging from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Diagnostic and treatment services include electrocardiography (ECG), exercise stress testing, 24-hour Holter heart monitoring, tilt table testing, echocardiography, dobutamine stress echocardiography, nucear cardiology, cardiac catheterization (coronary angiography), myocardial biopsy, MRI angiography, and carotid angiography.

Radiotherapy using latest linear Accelerator

The Advanced Oncology Center at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is  a dedicated center  for the prevention, diagnostic, treatment and aftercare of wide range of oncological conditions. Operated by well-experienced medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation technicians and senior oncology nurses, Mandaya Advanced Oncology Center offers all forms of radiation treatment, chemotherapy and surgery, with medical equipments such as:

  • Radiotherapy Linear Accelerator with high level energy, respiratory gating and SRS technology
  • Dedicated Chemotherapy suite designed to offer comfort during treatment
  • Diagnostic and cancer monitoring system such as PET scan to monitor the success of cancer treatment
  • Specialized operating theatre equipped with latest surgical equipments needed to remove cancer and tumors

Neurosurgery Operating Microscope

The NeuroScience Center at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is led by a team of highly-specialized neurologists and neurosurgeons, and supported by an integrated team of Neuro nurses, physiotherapists and radiologists.
Other than choosing the right doctor, the outcome of treating neurological conditions rely heavily on these factors:

  • An accurate diagnostic procedure to pin-point the exact problem.
  • If surgery is required, an advanced neurological equipments is needed to assist surgeons in treating the source of the problem without damaging healthy areas.
  • An integrated post-treatment team of specialist nurses, physiotherapists, etc who will ensure patients seamless return to their daily lives.

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment technology such as:

  • High tesla MRI scan and high slice CT scan to assist diagnosis.
  • A dedicated neurosurgery operating theatre with operating microscope and neuronavigation units to help doctors dissect only the problematic cells whilst preserving the healthy ones.
  • A neuro catheter lab to treat certain brain conditions non-invasively.
  • Neurosurgery Operating Microscope.

Mandaya Royal Specialist Centers

Our doctors, nurses and other ancillary medical professionals work in specialist teams to provide an integrated and holistic medical care for the patients. Furthermore, as the medical field is moving towards a more subspecilistic care whereby every doctors have their own set of special skills, our specialist centers will ensure that patients will get the right doctor for their specific conditions, consequently improving patient outcomes.

Every specialist center is organised in distinct cluster to enhance patient comfort during their visit to the outpatient clinics, and each cluster is equipped with a complete set of highly specialized medical equipments to assist doctors in making the correct diagnosis and treatment.

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